Ariana Grande Finally Spoke With Her TikTok Look-Alike Paige Niemann

Ariana Grande fully supports her internet doppelgänger Paige Niemann.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, the TikTok sensation, who has become more or less famous for her unbelievable likeness to the “Thank U, Next” singer in her impersonation videos on social media, revealed what inspired her to recreate Grande’s look and shared what the pop star told her when she suddenly slid into her DMs.

"I started doing it for fun and now it's something that I do regularly, almost every day,” the avid Victorious fan explained of her transformation, which apparently takes over an hour to achieve — not including the extra 10 minutes to perfect Grande’s signature ponytail.

While the 15-year-old dished that she’s been approached by many people about her uncanny resemblance to the superstar, nothing prepared her for the day when Grande herself would reach out to her on social media. “I was so shocked that she noticed me. She's really nice and I kind of thought it was cool that she noticed me,” she added.

“She said, 'I'm flattered.' She wanted to let me know that I am beautiful in my own way and I said, 'Thank you and thank you for being so kind to me.' And she said, 'I'm proud of you,’” she added. “I was shocked. She's my idol so I was shaking a little bit…She said, 'Let me know if you're ever going to my Sweetener Tour, we can grab a hug.'"

Watch clips of Niemann's best Ari impersonations below.

Photo: Getty Images/YouTube