This Is The Most Iconic Ohio Food

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If you grew up in Ohio, chances are that you have eaten your fair share of the most "iconic" food that the state has to offer. For a food to be known as the most iconic food in the entire state, it must be very special to those who live there. To exist with this prestigious title, the dish must be known around each city and must be enjoyed by the general population. The food either originated in the state and is now popular everywhere, or it is a very niche food specific to the region.

According to a list compiled by Taste of Home, the most iconic food in all of Ohio is the Skyline Chili Five-Way Chili. If the phrase, "It's Skyline time" means anything to you, then you have definitely taken down a decent number of Five-Way Chili's from the timeless Cincinnati staple.

Here is what Taste of Home had to say about this iconic Ohio food:

"Skyline Chili never heard the expression “less is more.” Its Five-Way Chili starts with spaghetti covered in chili. Then it’s topped with a mound of onions and beans. Then, fistfuls of cheese crown the meal. Five ingredients equal a five way."

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