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Jason Whitlock Says 'Angry Feminists' Want Caitlin Clark to Fail

Jason Whitlock: “I fell in love with Tiger Woods because I was convinced he would make history. I wanted to witness it. I wanted to see him shake up the golf establishment and I wanted to analyze his impact. The exact same thing is true for Caitlin Clark. She has a chance to be the greatest women’s basketball player of all time. The WNBA establishment, a group of mostly angry lesbians, they hate Caitlin Clark and they want to see her fail. I want to see her succeed.
I’m going to watch Monday night’s WNBA Draft – I can’t believe I’m saying that – but I am. It’s far more interesting than the NBA Draft. Caitlin Clark is the greatest force in sports. She’s made me and others care about women’s basketball; something I thought no one could do. There’s never been a woman at the top, the premiere athlete in all of American sports. Serena Williams was close, I guess, but she was so much more physically gifted than her peers, and her dominance of tennis didn’t seem nearly as unlikely as a White girl from Iowa dominating basketball. For the most part, everyone celebrated and rooted for Serena’s rise. There was no real resistance from her peers. The media exaggerated resistance to Serena Williams. The media acted like a few fans booing at Indian Wells scarred Williams for life. Athletes have been getting booed by fans from the moment leagues invited paying spectators.
Caitlin Clark is one of one. She’s the biggest draw in sports because of the thin line between love and hate. Many of her peers HATE her out of sheer jealousy. Many in corporate media hate her because of their racial idolatry. And a good percentage of fans don’t like her for the exact same reason as the corporate media. Caitlin Clark is a true trailblazer. There’s going to be so much pressure on this young woman and so much pressure for her to fold.
There’s some influencer/ political person, Nina Turner, you see her on MSNBC -- one of these angry Black women; she tweeted out ‘WHEN DOES SOUTH CAROLINA GET INVITED TO SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE!’... It’s the racial game they’re playing constantly. Caitlin Clark draws television ratings like no woman ever before but Nina Turner wants the South Carolina team that no one knows anybody on; only person they know is the coach and she’s angry and doesn’t draw TV ratings.
Clark’s perch atop the sports landscape has a chance to diminish the minute she adopts the behaviors of her WNBA peers. The reason Tiger Woods still captivates is because he’s still very different from his PGA Tour peers, and most other Black athletes. Like Michael Jordan before him, Tiger Woods has pretty much stayed out of politics. He’s never bent his knee to the ‘Black Lives Matter’ fad, he’s never acted like his life depends on casting some political vote. Caitlin Clark, is she going to be as strong as Tiger Woods?
At the end of her Saturday Night Live appearance Clark rambled on about Sheryl Swoopes, Cynthia Cooper, Dawn Staley, Lisa Leslie, Maya Moore, and the WNBA legends she ‘owes a debt to’... She only named Black WNBA players. Maybe all of her hoops heroes were Black women, or maybe she was pandering. The WNBA is as woke a sports league as there is on the planet. Caitlin Clark is going to be under immense pressure to co-sign whatever bogus narrative the WNBA promotes in support of the Democratic party and the BLM/LGBTQ ‘Alphabet Mafia.’ She’ll be asked to pretend the WNBA players are ‘UNDERPAID BECAUSE OF SYSTEMIC SEXISM!’... She’ll be asked to take a knee during the National Anthem if some random Black criminal gets saucy with the police and gets capped. Will Caitlin Clark fold and become the typical angry feminist athlete?
Clark’s fame might be fleeting. I’m going to enjoy it as long as I can, but I’m going to bounce the moment she’s pictured ‘kneeling in solidarity’ with Megan Rapinoe.” 

Watch Jason Whitlock of Blaze TV’s Fearless explain why he thinks former Iowa women’s basketball superstar Caitlin Clark will become a top target for the ‘woke mob’ who covers and promotes the WNBA who will naturally want to weaponize the new Indiana Fever phenom as an operative for the Democratic party.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock says he hopes Clark follows the same career path as politically androgynous Tiger Woods, and someone who won’t wilt and ‘bend the knee’ to the ‘Alphabet Mafia’ and ‘Blacks Lives Matter.’

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