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Colin Cowherd: Why You Shouldn't Draft J.J. McCarthy

Colin Cowherd: “Many scouts agree that JJ McCarthy is not a first-round pick, but yet he may go in the top 10. The first time I watched him I thought ‘ham and egger, he’s OK’... It’s Harbaugh, it’s Michigan, it's the o-line, it's the run-game, it's the defense. I don’t get it.
How do we predict who’s going to make it and who’s not? I went to the last ten drafts and we can argue that there are 12 quarterback ‘hits’ in the last ten drafts. Stroud, Mahomes, Allen, Herbert, Burrow, Lamar, Hurts, Love, Murray, Lawrence, Prescott, Goff. The school clearly doesn’t matter because Josh Allen went to Wyoming, Jared Goff went to Cal, Jordan Love went to Utah State, and Lamar Jackson went to Louisville... Size is mostly overrated. Kyler Murray is small, Josh Allen is a giant. You’d rather be bigger than smaller, but Lamar Jackson came in really spindly, and Mahomes has average size. The franchise history can matter but it doesn’t matter that much. Trevor Lawrence got the Jags to the playoffs, Kyler Murray did the same with Arizona, and Joe Burrow got the Bengals to the Super Bowl. The only criteria that I have found that I can depend on is one of two things that gives you a higher probability to be a franchise guy. Number one: in college you either elevated an average or a weaker roster – Lamar Jackson, Goff, Dak, Josh Allen, Mahomes, Jordan Love, Justin Herbert... Or the second criteria that becomes an NFL hit in the last decade is that you’re on a stacked team, but you’re insane productive. Jalen Hurts’ last year at Oklahoma, Joe Burrow’s last year on LSU, Kyler Murray-Oklahoma... You either elevate an average or weak college roster, or on a stacked roster you’re Superman... JJ McCarthy is neither.
He had average stats on a stacked roster. That’s my issue. McCarthy had only 25 total touchdowns last year on a team that blew out a lot of people. He had one 300-yard game. He’s 6’3”, he’s tall enough, he won a bunch of games, but he didn’t elevate a team that had average players, and he didn’t put up crazy productive numbers like all the other guys who were hits in the NFL. His Michigan experience is not an NFL experience where you will go to a crappy team and have to elevate an average roster, or maybe you go to a stacked roster on a great team in the NFL, but that’s very rare. Most of those great teams already have great quarterbacks.”

Watch Colin Cowherd of FS1’s The Herd explain why he doesn’t think Michigan quarterback JJ McCarthy is good enough to be drafted in the first round of next week’s 2024 NFL Draft. 

Check out the segment above as Colin details why McCarthy’s college career doesn’t match up with the last ten NFL draft picks that ‘hit’ at the QB position, with Colin saying McCarthy didn’t elevate an average team or put up big numbers on a great team either, which were the two criteria he looked at in determining which college quarterbacks would have success in the NFL.

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