NFL Teams Who Should Consider Signing Colin Kaepernick

San Francisco 49ers v San Diego Chargers

NFL Teams Who Should Consider Signing Colin Kaepernick (FULL Audio at Bottom of Page)

Clay Travis: “The only team I can see maybe making sense is the Carolina Panthers. They already have Eric Reid and they might be trading away or releasing Cam Newton. Maybe you could try to see how Kaepernick could pair up with Christian McCaffrey. I don’t think the Bengals or Dolphins would be interested in bringing in that big of a distraction behind their first round quarterback. Maybe if you’re the Chargers are you’re totally desperate?? They’re now so irrelevant that they could let Philip Rivers go. Would people buy tickets to watch Kaepernick play in Los Angeles?? At least it makes them relevant.”
Danny Gradio: “I would say the Colts as a backup. We know they’re lacking depth after Andrew Luck retired. Jacoby Brissett just got injured and Brian Hoyer didn’t look so great last weekend and went 18/39 with three picks against the Dolphins.”
Dub Yarborough: “I don’t think he’s going to be starting any football games this season but I think there’s one team that could actually use him this season: The Patriots. We saw what Lamar Jackson and the Ravens did to that defense, and if there is a scout team quarterback that you could use to somewhat simulate Lamar Jackson it could be Kaepernick.”
Eddie Garcia: “Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Jameis Winston’s contract is up at the end of the year and obviously he’s done nothing to make Tampa continue down that road. All of head coach Bruce Arians’ assistant coaches are African-American so he’s a guy who is obviously interested in inclusion and equal opportunity and you could sell that to Kaepernick. Arians is also an innovative mind who could use Kap's running ability.”
Roberto Flores: “The system that fits him the best is Baltimore. Ravens Offensive Coordinator Greg Roman used to be the OC with the 49ers.”

NFL Teams Who Could Consider Signing Colin Kaepernick