Clay Travis' Son Would Love to See His Dad Ejected from a Game Too

Clay Travis' Son Would Love to See His dad Ejected from a Game Too

Clay Travis found Thursday night's moment of Austin Rivers (now with the Rockets) campaigning for his dad (Clippers coach Doc Rivers) to get a technical foul incredibly funny and relatable. Clay says that his sons would absolutely do the same thing if they were given the chance.

"I one-billion percent can see my kids rooting for me to get tossed out of a game if they were on the opposite side."

Danny G. suggested to Clay that he introduce YouTube videos of Billy Martin getting ejected to his son because he would love those. This led to an interesting conversation about how much kids enjoy YouTube, the new Disney+, the future of television subscriptions and the world of streaming services.

Click the play-button to hear the audio of the Rivers' lighthearted family feud & the full conversation from Outkick.