Jason Whitlock: Lamar Jackson is Not the Star We Once Thought He Was

Jason Whitlock: Lamar Jackson is Not the Star We Thought He Was
Jason Whitlock: “These defenses have figured out Lamar Jackson. He still can be an explosive runner, but there were times during that MVP season that every time he ran the ball I was thinking he might take it to the house, but now I don’t think that and think ‘this is nice 5-6 yard run.’ People have figured out how to defend him in the running game to contain him enough, and they’ve really taken away his sweet spot in the passing game, and are forcing him to make throws that he’s just not as comfortable making. I would be concerned for Lamar Jackson. There were people saying all along that he just doesn’t throw the ball well enough. Even during his MVP season, he was a front-runner. If he gets out to a nice lead – he’s great, if you make him play from behind at all, there’s a struggle… Maybe Lamar Jackson just isn’t what we thought he was as a quarterback.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Jason Whitlock explain to Clay Travis why thinks Lamar Jackson has regressed so much in the 2020 season. After leading the league in touchdown passes and QBR in 2019 en route to an MVP season, Lamar ranks just 17th and 18th in those two categories respectively.

Check out the audio above as Whitlock details why even the most hardened Lamar fan has to admit that he’s not as good as we once thought.

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