Clay Travis: Tiger Woods' Life Is Intertwined With Ours & We Want Happy End

Clay Travis: Tiger Woods' Life Is Intertwined With Ours & We Want Happy End

On Tuesday, Tiger Woods was involved in a serious car crash that left the sports world and public on pins and needles awaiting news about his condition after the accident. Thankfully, all things considered, the news was positive. Clay Travis noticed yesterday, as he was scrolling through social media, the large number of people that he knows and follows, who were giving their thoughts and support to Tiger Woods.

So many people made comments and prayers for Tiger Woods. Obviously, Tiger is one of the most iconic athletes of all time, so people being concerned with health isn't surprising, but Clay believes that Tiger is unique in the type of connection people feel towards him.

Tiger has essentially grown up in the spotlight, right in front of our eyes. As a toddler, we saw him on late night TV, and not even 20 years later, we saw him demolish the field at Augusta National to win his first green jacket. Later in life, we saw Tiger struggle mightily in one of the most public scandals in the history of our country, and the past few years, we have seen him overcome all odds, injuries, and climb back on top of the mountain to win another green jacket at the age of 43.

Tiger's life has been scrutinized in the media, and Clay compares his life to Brittany Spears. Both are relatively the same age, and both of their lives have been covered to a wild degree by media.

Clay himself feels close to Tiger because of their similarities in age, separated by just a few years. Clay feels like he grew up alongside of Tiger. Watching him succeed, and then to see Tiger pivot and transition into being a father has made Tiger relatable to him and so many others.

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