Morten Andersen to Carli Lloyd: 'I Want to Help You Become An NFL Kicker'

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Captain for the United States Women's National team, Carli Lloyd joins the Dan Patrick show to discuss the much-anticipated possibility of Lloyd becoming an NFL kicker. The hype around this was born out of the NFL's previous season where kickers were seen to be flawed. Six different kickers were employed in the first 22 games of Anthony Lynn's tenure with the LA Chargers. Our very own Ephraim Salaam has been very vocal about his frustration with the position considering how little is asked of these players with one job. Also, we can't forget about the infamous double-doink that ended the Chicago Bears season.

Carli Lloyd has been brought to the table of discussion as to whether it's time to consider putting a woman in that position, especially after this video went viral of Lloyd at the Philadelphia Eagles facility planting a field goal right between the posts.

Dan Patrick speaks with Lloyd about the hype surrounding this video and wonders where she's at when it comes to seriously considering the NFL gig. Hall of fame kicker, Morten Andersen joined the conversation to offer her encouragement and guidance if she were to choose this path. His immediate advice was for her to get a feel of kicking with the pads on.

Morten Andersen: "She should put the helmet and shoulder pads on right way and get the feel for kicking with the equipment on. That's going to be key because it's one thing to go out in shorts and a tank-top and we've all done that but you need to put the equipment on because it does change when you're wearing that.

Listen to the full interview below.