Why 2020 Has Been a Good Year For Lamar Jackson Critics

Doug Gottlieb: “I’m not sitting here and telling you that Lamar Jackson is a bad quarterback, but with Kyler Murray, it’s the dynamic of a guy who is an accurate thrower, who can pick apart the defense with his arm first and foremost, and THEN with his legs secondarily. As opposed to Lamar Jackson, who can pick you apart with his legs first and foremost, and his arm secondarily… The signs of a great quarterback is the ability to overcome when things aren’t perfect, as opposed to what Lamar has seemed to become, which is a really good quarterback, maybe even a great quarterback, when EVERYTHING is right. But what if things are ‘wrong’?... This is not me saying that Lamar Jackson ‘stinks’, it’s a little bit of me saying ‘I TOLD YOU SO.’ This was the analysis of Lamar Jackson the quarterback: could he evolve into a true NFL pocket passer who can run for a first down and extend the play in the pocket? To this point, with two full seasons as a starting quarterback, with two playoff games under his belt, a very good offensive line, and good enough skill position players, the answer is NO… Lamar seems to be getting better in terms of knowing where he wants to go with the football, but the ball is not going exactly where he wants it to go, and the offense seems to have a ceiling. Don’t get me wrong, running the football is important, and Lamar is the best running quarterback we have seen, but if you don’t think that something is missing there in terms of a true NFL quarterback you’re not really paying attention… The Ravens haven’t really asked Lamar to evolve, and I think the reason is they just don’t think he can.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he thinks Lamar Jackson continues to validate criticism against his style of play, as Gottlieb says Jackson has failed to evolve after his MVP season last year the same way Robert Griffin III failed to deliver an encore after his incredible rookie season.

Check out the video above as Gottlieb details why Lamar has proved that he can only produce when EVERYTHING around him is set up and fortified perfectly for him, including the offensive line, play-calling, and defense.

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