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Colin Cowherd Refutes Rich Paul's Controversial Comments About Steph Curry

Colin Cowherd: “Rich Paul is wrong on this. He said on a recent podcast, and he took a little bit of a swipe at Steph Curry, he said: ‘If Steph won in the bubble during COVID they wouldn’t discredit it like they would with LeBron.’ Wait a minute. We discount two of Steph Curry’s titles because KD played on the team. We discount Steph’s first title because he didn’t win MVP and Kevin Love and Kyrie got hurt. Steph’s CAREER has been discounted. He literally changed basketball at the high school, college, European, AAU, and NBA level. HE changed everything and has been discounted the entire time. LeBron has an army of people that will defend him as the greatest player ever. If you even include Steph in the top 10 you get pushback. Half the players in the league, if you asked them about 3-4 years ago if given a choice would choose Westbrook over Steph, and Westbrook is a guard with poor handles who can’t shoot. Steph has never been given the respect that he deserves. I like Rich Paul a lot but that title in the Bubble, you’re telling me that Steph wouldn’t be discounted? When the Warriors beat the Celtics, going into that series the argument was ‘HE’S GOTTA WIN MVP OF A FINALS!’ He’s the greatest shooter in the history of the sport and if you put him in the top 10 people are like ‘I DON’T KNOW, I LIKE WESTBROOK!’ The Dodgers won a World Series during COVID and they were discounted. Everyone was discounted: Fauci, masks, the Dodgers, LeBron; absolutely Steph would have been discounted. In my life, the greatest player to ever play the game that’s NEVER been considered by universally everybody as a great player is Steph Curry. I understand Rich defending his client, but c’mon now. Steph has been dragged and disrespected. Jokic won it all and immediately everyone was like ‘JOKIC, BEST PLAYER IN THE LEAGUE.’ Has anyone ever just said ‘Steph, best player in the league’?” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd push back on Rich Paul, LeBron James’ agent, on comments he recently made that inexplicably threw Steph Curry under the bus when it came to a point Paul was trying to make on how LeBron’s 2020 NBA Finals title in the Orlando ‘Bubble’ is always unfairly discounted by fans, with Paul saying had the same thing happened to Steph and the Warriors there would be no push-back.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains why Paul's subtle shade at Steph was completely unfounded.

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