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Colin Cowherd: Nathaniel Hackett Almost Ruined Russell Wilson's Career

Colin Cowherd: “If something doesn’t make sense then I’m not going to try to argue that it makes sense. Last year when Russell Wilson was struggling, almost 100% of you kept saying he was ‘WASHED’, and I kept saying that it doesn’t make any sense. I went to historical numbers and there had never been a quarterback who had four straight 100+ passer ratings and without a major injury was suddenly washed. I said ‘IT’S GOTTA BE HACKETT.’ Russell Wilson through the first nine games – If you go back to last year’s numbers and then look at this year’s it’s unbelievable. Last year he was Desmond Ridder, this year he’s Joe Burrow. We know the difference between a great player and a bad player. Do we know understand the difference between a bad coach and a great coach? It’s even more impactful. He’s got basically – a healthier left tackle – the same roster. He had to rebuild all of it. His 2022 numbers he completes 59% of this throws, this year he’s 68%. His passer rating is 83 to 104. The first couples games this year when I watched I’m like ‘is everybody right? Is he washed?? I don’t get it’, but it took time with a great coach. It’s hard to overcome a poor supporting cast. Think I’m wrong, go look at Tom Brady’s last year in New England as the empire was eroding. Tom’s passer rating was in the 80s. His completion percentage was 60. A year later and he won the Super Bowl and had one of his best years ever. It’s why I always defended Andrew Luck’s career. Could you imagine Andrew Luck with Andy Reid, Sean Payton, Sean McVay, or Kyle Shanahan? He put up remarkable numbers surrounded by utter incompetence everywhere. I went and looked at Russell Wilson's numbers his last few years in Seattle and they’re exactly what his numbers are in Denver. If something doesn’t make sense don’t rely on the internet for the answers. Go find REAL answers. It made absolutely no sense that a quarterback with no age or injuries could go from four years at a certain level, and then be absolutely washed. It didn’t make sense because it’s not possible to go from really good to washed. Russell is back to being Russell, mostly. Doesn’t quite have the same juice, we can all see that. Not quite as twitchy, but when you watched him in Buffalo – multiple laterals, best throw of the game, moving in the pocket, multiple scrambles... It doesn’t look quite the same, not quite as twitchy, not quite as quick, but very good to washed never made sense.” (Full Segment Above) 

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Russell Wilson’s renaissance season is an obvious indictment of former Broncos head coach Nathaniel Hackett, as Colin says rumors of Wilson being ‘washed up’ were greatly exaggerated. 

Check out the segment above as Colin says fans and media around the NFL need to accept the fact that the difference between a great quarterback and a bad quarterback can also be the same difference between a great coach and a bad one.  

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