Rob Parker: Lakers Must Save Anthony Davis' Future, Sit Him Rest of Series

Rob Parker: “I am convinced that the Lakers should NOT play AD in Game 6. If he’s not going to be the Anthony Davis who can help them win, they should really reconsider it and think about the future. Is this the Lakers really trying to survive the first round to save face, so they’re going to put Anthony Davis out there? I read a tweet that said it’s not even his decision on whether or not to play, it’s about the medical staff of the Lakers. Do you want another KD situation where the Warriors put him out there and you lose the guy for 15 months?? I would be very scared about putting AD out there. He also had an ankle, Achilles, and he had a sprained knee before. As LeBron’s years start to wane and Anthony Davis is the future of the Lakers, if you let him go out there and he injures himself seriously trying to compensate for a bad groin and rips the Achilles, then you’re without him for the next 15 months.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he believes the Lakers should sit Anthony Davis for the rest of their series vs. the Suns, saying Los Angeles should be concerned about AD suffering another fate the likes of Kevin Durant during the 2019 NBA Finals when he tore his Achilles trying to come back too early from a previous injury, and ended up missing the entire 2020 season.

Check out the video above as Rob details why saving AD’s future with the team is much more important than winning a first-round series just to save face.

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